Seminar 'Manifesting From The Heart' - Vienna

Nieuw 29% Korting
€ 250,00

Seminar 10 & 11 September
‘Manifesting From The Heart’
Ibora Zant - Spiritual Business Coach
Baptist de Pape - Producer of ‘The Power of the Heart’ 

This weekend you'll learn the secrets of manifesting from the heart. Discover how you can create whatever it is that you want, with the right intentions and an open heart - make the impossible possible! 


Workshop Saturday: 9.30u – 17.00u
Workshop Sunday: 9.30u – 18.00u
Incl.: Reception & Lunch & Snacks

The Manifesting Experience is designed to teach you the proven secrets of manifesting the life of your dreams. You will learn how to do away with everything that is holding you back and live effortlessly and in abundance for the rest of your life.